Why I niched down to sugaring

It all started after the pandemic. I was home like everyone else and had a lot of time to consider how my business was doing. I was able to review what services were booming and what services could use a bit more promotion. What I realized was the Sugaring services were the most consistently booked services with the most repeat clients. I kept that in the back of my mind and when it was time for us to open up again, I thought I will only offer sugaring because a client can keep their mask on and so can I. Our governor at the time notified all spas and salons that we were prohibited to perform any services that required the removal of the facial mask. I said that’s it, sugaring it is for me. When July 2020 came, I had a solid schedule full of regular clients as well as new clients and business was booming from the start, months went by and business was still booming, a year went by and yes, I was still doing very well with sugaring. I decided that I would no longer offer any of my other services, I am not sure if that will be forever but it will be for now. Offering one service just makes sense for my business, it has helped me niche down my marketing content as well. My inventory costs went down and clientele increased. It has been one of the best decision that I made for my business. I do miss performing the other services and I am grateful for all of the clients that I had in those areas but things do change over time. I am happy to have serviced so many clients over the past 10 years in Business. If you ever have any questions about Sugaring services in Buffalo and Western New York please reach out to me http://www.salleynycole.com or text/ call 716-226-8450.

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